Hidden Voice Community School


Hidden Voice School and Skills Development Centre assists families of children with mentally and physically challenged children and youths. The majority of the children attending the school have mild to severe learning difficulties and hence cannot be placed in mainstream schools.

The school was founded in 2001 by parents and guardians of children with disabilities and was established mainly to address the lack of adequate educational facilities for their children, which resulted in a large majority of these children being kept at home.

LRT NO. 18, upon taking up Hidden Voice Community School as our project, has supported the school in various ways. These include building one class room block that was commissioned and handed over to the school in 2010 by then Round Table International (RTI) President Steven Ganado. LRT NO. 18 has also purchased a variety of learning materials such as books and pencils. We recently purchased water and sanitation facilities particularly a water tank and piping in collaboration with Stanbic Bank Zambia.

The main objective of this project proposal is to help uplift our adopted project, Hidden Voice Community School, located in Garden Compound Lusaka. We aim to achieve this through raising funds that can go towards the construction of a new structure that would give the school two new classrooms, a skills facility center, renovation of the main existing structure and new water supply provision.


The new classroom block would enable the school to increase capacity for children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities within the community. The new classroom block would be built on one half of the property which currently houses a few units that are currently on rent of which the proceeds cater towards the schools electricity and water bill. Estimated cost of this phase is valued at $10,000.00


With the funds we seek to raise, we wish to also renovate the current main structure which is currently in a bad state with damaged doors, roof, ceilings, bathroom fittings, toilets, walls and much more. It is fundamental for the main structure to be renovated as it would make the school more habitable for the children and teachers. The structure has not had any maintenance done to it for a considerable amount of years. Estimated cost of this phase is valued at $1,567.13