Grace Ministries Community School


The Grace Ministries Community School is a community school is one whose operations are dependent on the members of society in a bid to
provide an education and guidance to mainly, the underprivileged children in the society. Grace Ministries Community School is such a one that is mainly run by the local church, Grace Ministries.

Grace Ministries Community School based in the high density residential area of Chibolya in Mufulira district caters to 410 children (230 boys and 180 girls) who are not able to afford to attend school regularly, even with the free education policy. The objectives of the school are to:

  • Offer education and spiritual support,
  • Feed and clothe the orphans and vulnerable and
  • Support foster parents who take in the children.

The pupils at Grace Ministries Community School are from the ages of 6 upwards in grades 1 – 7. The school has inadequate classrooms (4 classrooms for 7 grades), inadequate teaching aides and learning materials and a shortage of staff.

The pupils of the community school come from homes headed by either fellow juveniles or old grandparents who cannot support them. Most of the children in the community do not go beyond Grade 7 due to a lack of resources to acquire school requirements let alone pay the requisite fees. The school runs a feeding program for the pupils three times a week at an approximate cost of K1,710.00 per week. This has however been reduced to twice weekly due to financial constraints.

The Mufulira Round Table # 5 (MRT 5) has identified the need for the construction of a 1×3 classroom block to cater for the upper grades of G5 – G7. The institution also requires the doors and grill doors to be repaired and/or replaced, replacement of broken window panes, piping and
plumbing works from the borehole to the surrounding.

Further, the school is in desperate need of teaching and learning aides such as text books and various stationery as well as sanitary items. In
the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the institution also requires assistance with Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, for both members of staff and pupils. MRT 5 seeks to partner with the corporate community and indeed well-wishers in order to make available the requirements of
the institution in order to make it a favourable learning environment.

In the short term, Mufulira RoundTable #5 seeks to regularly raise resources, in either monetary or material form to acquire learning and teaching material, disinfectants for the classrooms, sanitisers for pupils and staff, reusable facemasks, tablets of soap, and other sanitary products. In the long term, the Table seeks to raise resources for the construction of the classroom block in order to have each grade with a
classroom of its own. The aim of MRT 5 is to raise ZMW15, 000.00 for the short term items and ZMW281, 452.50 for the construction of the classroom block and the renovation of existing structures including piping work from the borehole to the rest of the facility.