Nchanga North General Hospital



Nchanga North General Hospital (NNGH) is a government hospital located in the mining town of Chingola on the Copperbelt Province. The hospital is approximately a 5 mins drive from the Central Business District (CBD). The project was identified by Chingola Roundtable Number 7 (CRT7) as key to providing quality health care to children in Chingola.

It is with great concern that we draw attention to the current state of the children’s ward. This ward, which is supposed to be a safe haven for sick children, is in a bad state and is in dire need of urgent attention. One of the major problems affecting the children’s ward is poor reticulation system. The existing facilities which include bathrooms, toilets, water storage and water heating systems are in a deplorable state and cannot accommodate the number of children within the ward.

The main objective of the project is to address the reticulation system. The project will consist replacing bathtubs, toilet systems, replacement of worn out pipes and taps, replacement of broken tiles, painting of dirty walls and cleaning stained toilets. The project will promote good hygiene and ensure sanitation is improved.

The total budget of the project is K150, 000.00 (approx. USD 7,000). With the project, the affected children, parents/guardians as well as the entire health workers will definitely be transformed directly and indirectly considering the benefits that it would create such as improvement in sanitation.


a. Problem Statement
The children’s ward is affected by poor reticulation system. The state of bathrooms, toilets and pipes are dilapidated with very little to no renovations resulting in poor hygiene and sanitation. Lack of proper toilets, bathrooms, showers as well as running water in the ward offers hygiene and sanitation concerns to children, parents, guardians and health workers.

b. Rationale
The project is very important as it will improve the sanitation in the children ward. The project will ensure that good hygiene is promoted and continuous running water is provided.

c. Project Goal and objectives
The main goal of the project is to improve sanitation in the children’s ward at the Hospital.
The specific objectives of the project include:

  1.  To ensure that the ward has uninterrupted flow of water.
  2. To ensure the ward is has clean bathrooms, toilets and sinks.
  3. To ensure that the ward has clean walls and tiles.

d. Project Outcomes
The primary outcome of the project is to improve hygiene and sanitation in the children’s ward. The project success will be measured with the following indicators:

  • Continuous flow of water in the ward
  • Clean toilets and bathrooms
  • Clean walls and floors

e. Project Output

  • Re-piping works to ensure continuous flow of water
  • Works on toilets and bathrooms
  • Works on walls and floors